Governance and DAO Structure

AiForge's governance model is built around a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure, empowering AIF token holders to participate in the platform's decision-making processes. By utilizing a DAO, AiForge ensures that important decisions are made collectively by the community, fostering a decentralized and transparent environment.

Key aspects of AiForge's DAO structure include:

  • Proposal Submission: AIF token holders can submit proposals for platform improvements, new features, or other important matters.

  • Voting: Token holders can vote on submitted proposals, with each AIF token representing one vote. The weight of a token holder's vote is proportional to their AIF holdings.

  • Quorum: A minimum quorum must be reached for a proposal to be considered valid and accepted.

  • Implementation: If a proposal receives majority support and meets the quorum requirement, the AiForge team will implement the proposal accordingly.

The AiForge Governance Token (AIF) plays a pivotal role in the platform's ongoing growth and evolution, empowering users and fostering a thriving, decentralized ecosystem. By implementing a robust tokenomics model and DAO structure, AiForge ensures a sustainable and inclusive platform for AI-generated content and the Metaverse

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